Okay, so I did it! I have been trying to figure out how to get the money to upgrade this site and get a domain name along with SEO so more people can find it. I am an Uber diver with a compromised immune system. Needless to say I am isolating at home and completely broke! I strongly believe that no one should ever have to pay for help regarding this virus and I am not trying to profit off this tragedy. I work up to 16+ hours a day gathering data, news, research and writing these guides and articles. I talk to people all over the world and have been blessed to meet some of the most amazing people. There are so many of us using whatever skills we have to find a way to contribute to this cause. I am a rapid reader and not a terrible writer so this is my part!


It feels, odd doing this. I never would have thought I would be running a free website that has now had over 75,000 views! I never expected to do anything as important as I am doing now. I have this burning need in my gut to do anything and everything I can to help win this fight and I am going to do whatever that takes! Will I lose any followers over this? I don't know. But what I do know is that I can't stay safe AND expand this site if I don't do something to raise funds.

I won't pretend that I'm not scared. I am. I know that with my health conditions, if I get this virus I will be in real trouble. But I also know that I can't let that paralyze me. I can't just hide away from this, take care of myself and do nothing for others. I can't be out in my community so figuring out how to help online was my only option. I have only taken 2 days off in about 8 weeks. Today I am coming back after a day off yesterday. I REALLY needed it. This job is brutal at times. There is so much death and suffering. There are people that try to profit from the situation and scam people out of their money. They play on their fear of life and death to sell them snake oil that will do nothing but line the scammer's pocket. There are people spreading misinformation and either encouraging panic or apathy. These people will not go away if left unchallenged.

So that's what I do. I challenge them. I run this site with the best information I have at the moment. I post tips and news and comments on the situation. I seek out misinformation and correct it. I take on the people who are being selfish and cruel. I answer private questions the best I can for people who are afraid and don't know what to do. I offer encouragement and support to all the other people working just like me. And sometimes I talk with people who are infected and are afraid that they are going to die. Some of them have. I spread awareness about the virus and about countries like Iran who are in desperate need of help. People send me videos of some of the most terrible things anyone could imagine. I watch them and learn from them what I can so that I can write about it without needing to share them.


I'm not anyone special. I am far from it. I have never pretended to be and expert or a person with any authority. I grew up in a poor home with an abusive father. I was on my own for the most part by 13. When I was 15 I walked out of a hospital in Burlington Vermont with my new born daughter in my arms. I fought and scratched and scraped by the best I could. Now I have 2 daughters age 22 and 19. My oldest graduates with her degree in psychology this spring and my youngest is a mortician in the US Army. I am married to my best friend of now 15 years. He works as a psychological technician in a mental health facility. The pay isn't great but the health insurance is the best in the state.  I have been sick since I was about 7 years old due to an auto immune disorder. I used to be a nursing assistant and I held several other certifications in healthcare before taking an injury to my spine that put me out of the job. I have had 2 surgeries on my back so far and am in need of another one. I had to give up my dream of being and RN and eventually became a driver for Uber and Lyft. I'm a singer and a song writer and was on my first professional album at 11 years old but had to give music up to provide for my children. I live with my husband and 2 cats, Loki and Fenris in a rundown trailer that we can't afford to fix up right now. In other words, I am just a regular person. Nothing too special about me. But I have no intention of just lying down to die. I am going to fight and help others fight this damn bug until we win or I die.

Thank you all for your help and support. It means so much to me and it lets me keep safe while I work to help keep others safe too. So just do whatever you can and don't worry about it. This site and all my work will be here no matter what. Stay safe people.


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