1 dead, 2 confirmed and 52 with symptoms!


My emotions are all over the place today. As everything begins to unfold it gets harder and harder to stay logical and distance myself. Just because I knew this was coming doesn't make it any easier. Finding out that the outbreak in Washington is at a nursing home is a nightmare! 27 of the people with symptoms are older and sick. The virus is going to tear through them!

I am so angry and frustrated at all the authorities. If I knew what was coming so did they! Instead of warning people and telling them what they needed to do they downplayed things and protected profits. I'm sure some like to tell themselves that they are preventing panic but it's BS. Prepared people are calm people as I like to say, and unprepared people WILL panic when they are staring face first at the truth with no way out! If everyone had supplies gathered over the course of 6 weeks and was taking proper infection prevention measures from the start we could have prevented so much that is going to happen now. Quarantines are coming and people will be hit with no warning and no preparation. They are going to freak out and it's the fault of the media and authorities who were "preventing panic".

They keep telling people not to wear masks which is insane. A mask can prevent an infected person from spreading the virus and seeing how this virus can spread from people with no symptoms, if we all had masks we could slow or even stop the spread! I could be infected right now and not know it! If I wear a mask I can avoid spreading it to others. The truth is that they know there are not enough masks to go around and when people figure that out they will freak out. Already you can see people gathering close together to buy supplies because they fear the virus even though being so close to so many people can give them the virus! Where is the direction for people? The instructions? The leadership? People need to know what to do and how to handle this. THAT would prevent panic. This will just lead to people having something to panic about.

I am angry at the politicization of all this. It's crazy! Even when I point that out I get people saying "Your absolutely right! We need to come together! It's all those damn leftists/Trump supporters fault!" *facepalm* How can people be this stupid? I remember when you could be friends with a person and not even KNOW who they voted for. Now it's all that matters. I don't bloody care who started it. We need to take personal responsibility for the situation and end it! Why can't people see that?

On the other end of the spectrum I have seen acts of courage and selflessness so beautiful that they bring tears to my eyes. Today there was a video taken in Iran. A man fell from a window and was hurt. When people came to help him he yelled "Stay back! I'm sick!". He needed help urgently but still cared more for others than himself. I saw a woman from Wuhan China who talked about what the CCP has done to them. She spoke of how you couldn't get treatment for any amount of money and how her parents were sick and welded into their home. She said she knew that speaking out could get her killed but it didn't matter. Sometimes sacrifices must be made to fight for what is right. She shouted for Hong Kong and Taiwan and all the people in China to rise up and fight against the evil done to them. Even as she shouted tears ran down her face and she shook from fear but she didn't stop. Didn't give up. I wonder what has happened to her now?

I don't understand how people can see all this and brush it off. Say things like "this is just another fake health scare!" "It's not like the world has ended." "This will blow over soon!" NO! For the people dealing with this it is NOT a fake health scare and some people's worlds HAVE ended! Even if the virus stopped in it's tracks right now this didn't just "blow over"! People are dead, lives are destroyed, cities are burning! How can you look at these people and not feel that sharp electrical shock of recognition for the beauty and pain of your fellow man? This situation has brought about moments of pure emotion and examples of what it means to be human. With all the pain and sacrifice and beauty it has to offer. How can that not move a person to action?

Out of all this chaos and uncertainty the only thing I know is that I will continue down this path for as long as I can. I will try my best to help others and lessen the impact of all this as much as I can. I know that I can't make a difference to the situation as a whole but maybe I can make a difference for someone. I am so proud and honored to have met the people working towards the same goal. So many have given up time and effort to do whatever they can in the situation. I could not do anything I have been doing without so many people working together. It gives me hope. I hope it does for you too.

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