I am done with being nice


I can no longer hold my tongue with people calling this a hoax. I will no longer try to reason with these people. The time for that is over. Nothing I say matters to them anyway. I can't do anything for them. At this point, to say nothing or play nice is an insult to the lives of those lost and fighting this disease.

Since the beginning I have tried to use kindness and gently coax people to reason with facts, but it's clear now that some people don't care. It's not about the truth with these people. No number of bodied is enough, no suffering great enough, to get them to care. They will only care when it's them. At this point I would be a coward if I didn't stand my ground and fight. These people are on the wrong side of history and I will not cater to them. I was naive to think I could change people.

It's an ideology with them. They will go whatever way is opposite to the rest of us. I have stayed out of politics to try and help as many people as I can but the president is a screw up. I didn't come to this conclusion through mainstream media. I came to this conclusion by watching him and many of his supporters. I have some very good people who voted for him following me but every one of them can see he has made mistakes. Those people are good people.

I have lived a hard life. I understand that life isn't fair and that you sometimes have to work twice as hard for half the reward. I don't complain about it and neither do the other people who have been in my shoes. The people fighting the public health measures have conned themselves into thinking they have earned everything they have. They have conned themselves into thinking they are strong and smart. They are none of those things. Strength is those medical workers taking what precious time off they have to stand in silent opposition to these people after wading through the suffering and death of the infected patients. Often without the Personal Protective Equipment they need.

I can be hard. I can ever seem cold at times but I am a person who cares about other people first and foremost. To not speak up now would be a betrayal of those people silently suffering and working in those long term care facilities. It's a betrayal of all the minorities unfairly effected by the virus who don't cause this kind of commotion. It's a betrayal of the medical workers in the effected hospitals. THOSE people are strong.

This Journal has proven invaluable to me and my ability to clear my mind, deal with my emotions and decide were I stand. I know where I stand now. I stand with the medical workers on the front line. I stand with those who have died. I stand with the cashiers and warehouse workers who are paid so little but on who we depend. Confrontation is hard for me. I have my reasons. But my hands are no longer shaking. I will not be afraid to say what is true and what is right. Quite frankly, the protesters can kiss my ass! Stay safe people. I stand with you.

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