Quarantine log 4

Updated: Apr 4, 2020


O2: 98%

Pulse: 104

Tempt: 99.7

As you can see from my vitals I am much better. Don't mind the high pulse too much. I have a condition called SVT which is a heart condition that causes rapid heartbeat. I am not "all better" yet but I am recovering well and feeling much better. My lungs are a huge improvement from where they were a week ago. My husband who is showing mild symptoms FINALLY was able to get tested for covid-19 today so in 2 days we should know if we had it or another respiratory virus. At least if these tests are more accurate than the old ones. That reminds me to look into that.

I still get a bit winded from being up and moving around but I no longer have breathing issues at rest. I am continuing my reduced exercise program and hope that I can return to my normal one sometime this week. The snow is almost gone so the timing of everything is perfect. I have so much yard work to do to get ready for planting and getting new chickens.

We need to put up a 5 foot fence with about 10 inches of it buried so foxes can't get into the chicken area. That was what really messed me up last year. I had been keeping just a few chickens for 18 months with no problem when over the course of about a week I lost each of them to a predator that I couldn't figure out how it was getting in. After talking to several other chicken keepers I determined that a fox had burrowed into the chicken run area and was getting them that way.

I have a ton of those annoying sumac trees cluttering up my property past my lawn so I have a small chainsaw to cut them down with and then a local farmer will come in and till up the soil and take the roots with them. Each of the trees is like 1-3 inches in diameter so they are too much for a tiller or brush cutter to just go through. I need to cut them off as close to the ground as possible so the machinery can drive over the stumps as it rips up the ground. THEN I get the fun job of picking through everything to get all the rocks and roots out. I have about 3 weeks to get it all done before planting season starts.

I am very anxious to get those test results. Now that I am recovered and my husband seems to have a mild case I HOPE it's coronavirus. It would mean we made it through it and are now immune and don't need to worry as much. That isn't to say we won't need to worry at all mind you. There are still other diseases out there that we can't afford to catch with healthcare being so full with the covid-19 patients. Then there is the worry that the antibodies don't last permanently or long enough for a yearly vaccine to be ready. It may turn out to be like the flu where you need a new shot each season. If that's the case we will be right back to square one next year.

I know the quarantine logs aren't as interesting as my personal journal or informative like the guides but I did it this way on purpose. It's designed for myself and others to track my symptoms and progress as opposed to being instructional or emotional. There will be at least 2 more of these logs, one when I get the test results and one the day I am released to go out in public again. Obviously I will wear a mask when I go and limit it to absolutely nessacary but I need to go to Tractor Supply Company and the lumber yard for materials, tools and chicks. I CAN get local fertile eggs and hatch them myself but it takes up a month of time and I need my birds laying eggs as soon as possible. As it is now I am looking into August for the breed I usually get.

In short, I am still very tired and get winded easily but I am definitely in the recovery phase of whatever virus I have. Stay safe and healthy people.



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